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With the numerous programs and platforms that are necessary to run a successful business, it’s no wonder businesses today lack productivity and efficiency. Keeping all your data in-sync can be a time-consuming task. If you want to avoid the laborious task of manually keeping your records updated and synchronized, it is crucial to have integration in place to automatically sync records between the systems. The need is more profound in case of ERP and ecommerce systems.

An ecommerce store serves as an excellent tool to help you increase the number of orders you get. But the work does not stop here, the orders received kick start a host of other processes from order processing, order fulfillment, delivery, inventory management to accounts; which are mostly managed through an ERP system.

Traditionally, all the orders received are manually entered into the ERP system for further processing. But this, as mentioned earlier, can be an inefficient, time consuming and error prone process which can restrict your business. It can limit the number of orders you process, your customer satisfaction levels, etc. So get the most out of your ERP system and ecommerce investment it is important to integrate the two systems and automate the entire process.

We have addressed this need for Magento (the leading ecommerce cart) and Microsoft Dynamics GP to communicate seamlessly in real-time. Imagine only having to monitor and maintain one system rather than multiple systems on an everyday basis. With the ecommerce system in place and all your processes integrated with one another, you will automatically realize increased sales without increase in any operational overhead.

microsoft dynamics


multi store

Multi Store

Promotions   Discounts

& Discounts

multi channel

Multi Channel



multi currency

Multi Currency





Tier Pricing

Tier Pricing



credit limits

Credit Limits



Purchase Orders


Sales Orders

Sales Orders

field sale

Field Sales





Customers today have multiple shopping options (channels) and it is very important for retailers to catch their attention at every possible location. Marketplaces like eBay and Amazon provide an amazing opportunity for retailers to target a large group of customers and increase their sales. With so many channels already to manage retailers are forced to look for options which can help them make the most of the opportunity.

By extending the Magento – GP integration to include eBay and Amazon, you can manage all orders from a single location without worrying about where the order is coming from and still reap the benefits of the increased sales.

sales person

eBay/ Amazon


If you have employees or field representatives out on the road, they need a way to effectively communicate with the office without a lot of back and forth communication, missed phone calls and misinformation. When you rely on manual communication, employees can forget to return phone calls, give the wrong information or simply be misinformed. We have created a solution that puts the office at any representatives’ fingertips, allowing them to complete sales on the move and eliminating the risk of any type of errors.

mobile pos

Mobile POS


Requirements of a B2B ecommerce portal are very different and no B2C ecommerce cart alone can meet those
requirements. Extend your ecommerce portal to attract and support B2B customers with our B2B Modules and see
your sales multiply.

  • User Role Management
  • Returns Management
  • Sales Person
  • Sales Literature
  • Quick Order
  • Frequent Order
  • Sales Quote
  • Non Stock Items
  • Credit Limit
  • Advanced Shipping
B2B Modules

B2B Modules


Extend your ecommerce to offer advanced features to your customers. We offer clients an amazing array of over 70+ Magento extensions to help you make your store more user friendly.

  • Email a cart
  • Open Id Pro
  • Product Matrix
  • Price Grabber
  • Coupon Referrals
  • Home Banner Pro
  • Duplicate Coupons
  • Like Search
  • SOLR Search
  • Contact Us Report
Magento Extensions


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